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Puerto Vallarta Vacation Villas

Puerto Vallarta Vacation Villas

Casa Salinas is often a luxury villa in Cabo san lucas featuring a private beach & 12 bedrooms. Searching for a vacation villa in Puerto Vallarta, contact Casa Salinas. villas in puerto vallarta
If you�re hunting for a <a href="">vacation rental in Puerto Vallarta</a>, you need to begin to see the luxury villa Casas Salinas. With its beach views, enter by having a massive iron door and enter an individual oasis of an luxury Villas in Puerto Vallarta. Casa Salinas is conveniently found in the heart of Cabo san lucas and Casa Salinas provides a 20,000 sq . ft . vacation villa posing the upmost luxury and ever wanted vacation gateway for the guest. If you are visiting Cabo san lucas along with your colleagues for any corporate retreat, or a fun filled getaway with family, you will be happy under consideration Casa Salinas because your vacation <a href="">villas in Puerto Vallarta</a>. Casas Salinas is mostly used for family vacations, weddings and company vacations with a minimum of 9 guests being at the villas.
From the time you gaze through the pool using its breathtaking views with the Pacific, you know the house may be thoughtfully planned to maintain its guests in a upscale luxury villas. What about a well-deserved soak as well as an afternoon meal with your own personal in house chef? Our Cabo san lucas villas pose only luxury and our guests will almost always be pampered while visiting us. The lounging and dining areas have been manufactured to fit 18 guests comfortably, bringing you no wonder about where you should recline. The house includes a gym, open dining area, purified water, private beach, and Wi-Fi access. Seven staff members are here to pamper you, and the gourmet chef is indeed fabulous that a lot of guests rarely dine out whenever they stay at Casa Salinas.
Nine spectacular bedrooms, including anything from luxurious pillow top mattresses to 400 thread-count sheets, accommodate as much as 18 guests. All bedrooms feature en-suite bathrooms and you will find jetted tubs in six.
Want more specifics of our Puerto Vallarta Villa?
Visit <a href="">Casa Salinas</a> online to book your vacation gateway in Puerto Vallarta. villas in puerto vallarta

Post by vacation6home (2016-08-04 14:54)

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